AWIP Free Will Service

Since 2021, the Animal Welfare Investigations Project has been investigating organised animal cruelty and rescuing animals globally, thanks to supporters like you.

Together, we have saved animals in conflict areas, investigated the dog meat trade in the Philippines, and rescued animals from cruelty. None of it would have been possible without supporters like you.

Gifts in Wills are incredibly important to us. Any gift, even just a 1% share of your assets, could help us change the world for animals. Your gift could help us save dogs like Hercules (pictured above) from being used as a bait dogs in cruel dog fighting gangs in Europe.

With a gift in your will, you can stand up for animals for many years to come and leave behind a lasting legacy.

Many people think that only the wealthy can leave a gift in their Will, but this really isn’t the case. Any gift, even just a 1% share of your assets, could help us change the world for animals.

Having a clearly written and current Will is the only way to ensure your final wishes are honoured. It provides a last opportunity to recognise the people and causes you care about, and helps prevent confusion and stress for your loved ones during a difficult time.

The Animal Welfare Investigations Project (AWIP) has partnered with the National Free Wills Network to offer our members a free Will-writing service. This service allows you to have a simple Will written by a solicitor in your area at no cost.

AWIP pays a discounted rate for simple individual or mirror Wills for our members. If your Will requires more complexity, you may incur charges for any additional necessary work.

The gifts we receive from members through their Wills make a crucial contribution to our work. While there is no obligation to leave us a gift when using this scheme, we hope you will consider doing so after providing for your loved ones.

Your gift, regardless of its size, will help AWIP investigate organised animal cruelty and rescue animals globally.

Note: This offer is only valid for residents of the United Kingdom.